Sunday, February 16, 2014

Update to my progress

It's crazy, they tell you that when you're better, you'll be too busy enjoying your life to report back on your improvements with helminthic therapy. The only reason I'm making this post is because people have asked me to update.

So I've gotten a total of... 5 inoculations, average about 27 helminths each time. Every 6 months or so I do it. I didnt feel any relief until, surprisingly, 8-10 months into the therapy, maybe because the first few inoculations were dead due to cold weather. I almost lost hope, but I only realize how far i've come after reading about how desperate I was to get rid of my allergies. The improvement was very gradual.

Now to be fair, I'm not in full remission, not even close. I still have very minor congestion, and sometimes my eyes do itch, but it doesnt come close to the misery I felt before this therapy.

I would say that my allergies are about 75% in remission. Foods I couldnt eat before now don't bother me. Including: almonds, all fruits, and a few other things I forgot I was allergic to. I haven't tried soy, but I don't like soy anyway. I still do feel a SLIGHT reaction from fruits. But I can eat a whole apple and only get some tingling now. Strawberries dont make my insides feel like exploding, for example. All in all it has been a major blessing for me.

I never got the "worm flu" or any symptoms, EXCEPT from my very last inoculation. The rash and symptoms increase over time apparently. I got minor gas, but that was about it.

I don't know what else to say, other than I highly recommend it and I hope the accessibility of this therapy becomes much wider.

My provider was AIT and they have been really great after a rough start.

OH and regarding my thyroid, no effect, I'm currently on levo 150mcg

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